Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Fascinating Read: Earthquake Lights

I find the concept of earthquake lights really fascinating. They are so high on the mystery scale that till date, scientific theory explaining the lights are just that-theories. The various theories include heat caused by friction, radon gas and piezoelectricity – an electric charge accumulating in quartz rocks as tectonic plates move. In other words, they actually cannot explain what they are or how they came about. 

So what are earthquake lights? According to Wikipedia
'An earthquake light is an unusual luminous aerial phenomenon that reportedly appears in the sky at or near areas of tectonic stress, seismic activity, or volcanic eruptions.' They are unexplained  illuminations in the sky that can be seen before during or sometimes after earthquakes. They appear in so many different colours and forms - from red to white to blue, and in globes, flickers and glows.

Below is a video recorded shortly before the Sichuan earthquake in China.

Thankfully earthquakes are not one of the problems we have to deal with in this part of the world; isn't God merciful...

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