Monday, 11 November 2013

It's A Poisoned Well

The spate at which corruption, especially in high places, has become a part of our lives as a people is not surprising. It's a blizzard that seems bent on burying those with lofty ideals.

What's surprising however, is the reaction of the average Nigerian to the onslaught. Admirably, we remain disgusted and show no hesitation in expressing how we feel. 

While the market woman rants about bullet proof cars and falling planes, she throws rotten tomatoes in your shopping bag the moment you look away.

The bus conductor rails against irritating revenue collectors harassing him and hopes you forget your change when you get down. 

The MBA graduate protests the nepotism and lack of fairness in the private sector recruitment process while the guy who wrote her thesis pings her incessantly.

The interesting thing about corruption is how we see it as a disease that affects other people. We talk about others who have had reason to come under scrutiny perched on our high horses, looking down. But corruption is not a person, its a way of thinking, a habit, a choice, a lifestyle. It is from a group of people that leaders are chosen, so if the leaders are corrupt, isn't it a reflection of the pool from which they came?

If we weren't so fixated on the speck in someone else's eyes, we would see just how much of an obstruction the log in ours has become.

©Naomi Lucas

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