Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Diagnosis: Benefactor

Definition: Benefactor |ˈbenəˌfaktər, ˌbenəˈfaktər|
...a person who gives money or other help to a person or cause.
ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin, from bene facere ‘do good (to)’  
A benefactor is usually more successful than you are, especially financially. This puts him in a better position to 'help'. A benefactor saves your ass when the landlord gets tired of trying to cash your post-dated cheques. 

He sends you cash when even with your combined income, your family can't make the end of the month without you borrowing. 

He sends those intro emails that dissolve bureaucracy and gets you meetings without a sweat;
the point of course being that the benefactor is the helper and you are the one in need.

Benefaction is good. The world is and can be a better place if more people embraced the practice.

The good thing about the benefactor is that he means well. With some benefactors however, the moment help is rendered,  you get the sense that you owe them the very air that you breathe. They seize every opportunity available to tell whoever cares to listen about what and who and how you were until their timely intervention.

They expect progress reports about your life and become self appointed mentors. The tiring thing about being a receiver of benefaction is the debt of eternal gratitude you owe. You say thank you a million and one times but still get the sense that you can never say it enough. 

We all are meant to be a conduit for blessing, not a storage tank. Where you can help it, till the land and rake in a harvest. Work  for what goes into your mouth. Save yourself and your family the embarrassment of owing so great a debt that an eternity is not enough to offset it. 

If you borrow pay back, as fast as you can. Budget; work on your cash flow and do whatever it takes to live within your means.

Its a battle for your dignity, you cannot afford to lose?

©Naomi Lucas
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