Sunday, 4 August 2013

For You, Little One

Lured by the promise of seeing the four walls of a classroom, Eno Bassey left the familiarity of home and made her way to Lagos. Sadly, school was not to be as manual labour became a way of life. Last week, she stole a piece of meat and her madam in anger, set her ablaze. Poor child ran into the street screaming for help. The fire was put out by a good Samaritan using his car fire extinguisher but by then 95% of her body was covered in burns.

Wrapped in bandages from neck to feet as she lay at the General Hospital in Gbagada, she maintained her story as vehemently as her madam insisted on her innocence.

I said a word of prayer and hoped for her recovery but she died anyway.

Rest in Peace little one; I pray you get the justice you deserve.

Naomi Lucas

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