Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Best Spoken Word I've Ever Heard!

I heard it on my sister's phone and the power in the little girl's rendition got me. How true the words she speaks. And the purity in that voice; oh my goodness!

It makes me think about Nigeria and all the terror and insecurity we grapple with and the really sad fact that at the end of the day, the true victims are the children. Losing mothers, fathers, siblings, protection, security and with it the right to be provided for and protected. Open to abuse and violation and a future that is bleak save for divine intervention. For every needless death that we justify, we lose our humanity and lose sight of the true import of our insensitivity. 

Forget the media and the politics of terrorism, forget the ethnicity and its ability to literally colour your world view but whatever happens, never forget the victims. You stop being human the day you do...

©Naomi Lucas


Miss M said...

Oh my! My heart broke a lil bit more with this. This is so sad.

Naomi Lucas said...

I feel you Miss M. I've listened to it a million times over myself :(