Saturday, 2 March 2013

My Grouse With Above and Beyond!

I used to be someone who shops at Above and Beyond outlet in Opebi and must have been a pretty loyal customer, 'cos I ended up with a VIP discount card. I made the fatal error of giving them both my numbers at different times 'cos I was told thats the only way they could generate a receipt.

I have called a particular number that comes with their text messages incessantly, to complain about the unbelievable number of text messages I get from them 24/7. Insensitive text messages that come at unholy hours. I have received text messages from them by 12am, 2am sometimes and I still cannot wrap my head around it. What am I supposed to do with a text message informing me of a crazy sale at 2am in the morning?

When I called my request was simple: that they take my numbers off their database, I am not interested in text messages and know the way to their outlets. If I want to shop, I will shop and if I don't want to no amount of text messages will make me do it.

I was rudely told off by some guy who said 10 words for every one that came out of my mouth. He said I am not the only one complaining and there's nothing he can do until the 'campaign' is over and since the database was with a bulk sms company, there was little he could do.

Which infuriated me more: Who authorized them to share my details, given to them in confidence with a third party? What stops the third party from using the same info to send me countless other messages for their other clients, which incidentally, has been happening a lot lately? My parting message to the guy, was that if I receive any text message from above and beyond again, then whatever happens, at least they know I asked nicely first.

That was sometime in November/December. In the last 6 weeks, I have received well over 30 text messages from Above and Beyond. Not wanting to stir up trouble without trying one more time, I drove all the way from my house to their outlet in Opebi and was directed to a lady called Titi. Who listened and with a smug smile told me the number cannot be taken off immediately and 'she will see what she can do'. It is after I spoke with her that I have gotten the most text messages.

I have tried everything I can nicely do to get them to remove me from their mailing list especially because I wasn't asked before I was added in the first place, but since it has proved abortive; whatever means is necessary, I will use. Those numbers are mine and I decide who I want to interact with at any given time.

This is a heads up to Above and Beyond. They have asked for trouble and unusually, I have decided to oblige them!

©Naomi Lucas


Miss M said...

Please share the results with us. I have a couple other places that drive me crazy as well.

Naomi Lucas said...

Miss M. I will do most definitely.

Winnie said...

Lol...its now the month of May,any progress?Btw,I jst found out bout Ў☺ΰ and I can definitely relate wit ur posts.liking ur blog,hope I get to love soon :D

Naomi Lucas said...

Winnie. Really funny you should ask. They let me be for a bit, after sending an apology message on my facebook page. But in the last 2 days I have received about 6 messages from them. I tire. True :D