Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Neighbour Part 2

Em...not quite. A friend of mine was tired of waiting for part 2 and decided to write the male version of my note with the same title. I laughed my head off when I read it. Pretty ingenious I must say. Let me know what you think yeah? Enjoy!

I have a neighbor, she lives right beside me. Only a wall separates my house from hers.
I found out that we had a new mate in the compound the night she moved in; I came back late and noticed the lights in the flat next door were on. I asked and was told a lady had just moved in.

Wahala, I thought, but anyway, wetin consign agbero with over load. I had to like, mate, check yourself, she might not be your type, she might be engaged to one fine bobo, bla bla… You know girls with handsome guys always show off, to intimidate their fellow girls and guys alike. 

Next morning, I heard movement outside and peeped through my window, my heart went to my mouth, my neighbor was not an ugly BBB (Self acclaimed Big, Bold & Beautiful), She was HOT, hour glassy, cute moderate butt, flowing natural hair (How many girls still carry their natural hair? ) The sun was behind her and she looked like an angel but with no wings, she had a fine face (No pimples :)) soft, full, luscious and inviting lips, watery Egyptian eyes. 


How do I cope with all this temptation around me?

Then she smiled and opened her mouth, she even had dimples. Damn!

Within seconds I saw myself on a white horse with a crown on my head, prince charming to the rescue.

Mission to rescue…? 

I guess I’ve been watching too many romantic movies.

She was greeting one of the neighbors, they exchanged pleasantries and she really could speak well (These days, it’s not all girls that glitter than can speak English). There and then, I decided to adjust my timings to avoid this new neighbor. 

I saw her every morning from my apartment; once in a while she will pause and look at my flat, her face blank, I often wondered what was going through her head. It went on like that for about 5 weeks before we finally met.

‘Hi’, she said, with a lovely smile. I noticed a little excitement in her voice. 

‘How are you doing?’ Dude be calm, I told myself. 

I looked at her and smiled, what was I supposed to say? That I am fine, been looking at you when I can from my window, or that I have been avoiding you for the past 5 weeks?

Abi make I tell her say: Morning gorgeous, you look like a ripe mango (She fit tell me say-You want a bite? Ha!). Anyway sha, she looked cuter at close range. 

I walked past her. I was not being rude, just so many things I wanted to say, that I couldn’t say. So to play safe, I just smiled. 
We had finally met and I found myself thinking-What does she think, am I ok, tall enough? This issue of, tall, dark and handsome sef. Why tall? What has height got to do with love?

But the jinx was broken; we had met at last.

We now meet once in a while, when I am polishing my shoes in the morning as she leaves for work. Sometimes she’d flash me a smile or just wave and pass. It’s so strange that it’s been over 6 months and no guy has visited nor have I seen her entertain male friends. She looks quiet and homely; what we guys call -wife material.

Maybe, her boyfriend sneaks in at night and leaves at first light?

So that’s how we lived until the first day she knocked on my door. I peeped from my window and there she was holding my cloths in her hands. She looked so charming.

Should I invite her in? Will she accept? Is my place in order?

I did a quick scan. It was. I decided not to invite her in anyway…

I knew my clothes had been with her for about 2 days. I was down with a cold on that Thursday and so did not go to work. I was watching a series and noticed it had grown suddenly dark. I looked out through the window and realized it was about to rain. I was topless so I quickly went to put on a t-shirt. As I was about to open the door, I heard movement outside, I peeped through the window and there she was trying to pack my cloths. Her movement was graceful and since she had her back turned to me, I followed the bouncing of her tail feather as she packed the cloths. When she was through, she turned with a smile on her face and looked at my apartment. I wondered why she smiled. She wanted to come knock but turned and ran to her apartment with my cloths held tight to her breast. 

I opened the door and peeped. 

‘Oh’ I said quietly. 

Staring at her toes, I collected the clothes, muttered a thank you and shut the door quietly, with my heart beating fast. As I closed the door, I leaned on it and so many thoughts went through my mind. I now know her name and it is making things worse, every girl I meet these days seem to bear her name. Una see me see wahala ba? 

I was polishing my shoe one morning as usual when she came out wearing a t-shirt and shorts, with these very hot legs, I followed her with my eyes to the water tank. She hopped on a stool and bent down half way into the tank, I was committing ‘lookery’, I knew, but for reasons beyond me, I wasn’t sorry 

She got down and tried tilting the tank, and couldn’t. She hopped back on the stool and tried to stretch and almost fell into the tank. I stood up, dropped my shoes, walked up and tapped her.

‘You want to turn the tank abi?’’ 

Yes’ she replied.

I moved her aside and in one swift motion, tilted the tank.

‘Thank you soooo much’ she told me. 

I nodded and went back to polishing my shoes. She continued to wash the tank but whenever I looked up, our eyes locked. When I could not keep up with the tension I went in and tried to stop thinking of her. 

So far, my tactics were not working, the more I tried to avoid her, the stronger my feelings for her became. I just resolved to go back to my Bond moves and make sure our paths didn’t cross.

Weekends for me involve lots of relaxation and basically just trying to unwind after a hard week. This cool Saturday morning, I was up early preparing breakfast and listening to Cece Winans, when I heard an irritated knock on my door. I peeped and it was my neighbor, wrapped in a bed sheet, with her hair like she just got dragged from rubble. She looked so babyish and innocent with her sleepy look.

I was like is she sleep walking? Did she dream of me? Why is she knocking so early in the morning? Why won’t she understand that my heart skip when I see her?

I opened the door and she said, ‘Please turn the volume of your radio down’ and with a long face, walked back to her flat, leaving me speechless.

…And there went my weekend.

It’s almost one year and I still don’t know how to let my guards down around her. She is a cute, homely and well behaved lady. I have not seen her with any guy in almost one year. I think I need to create a more conducive environment for us to meet.

Maybe, invite her to my place one of these weekends; and sip this wine I’ve been keeping for some time now and have lunch…

I’ll let you know how it goes.



Kaybee said...

Now, you two should tell us what happened next. Its April oh. Am waiting.

Naomi Lucas said...

lol. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

We are still expecting the real part 2.

Naomi Lucas said...

Lol. SO this one is fake eh?

Lucky Moses C. said...

still waiting(part 2)...

Naomi Lucas said...

LOL. @Lucky, there's no part 2 oh :)

Hairy Diary said...

Pleasant page-turner. . .or screen-scroller, as is read :D What a good way to lunge into the weekend! Thanks for the tickling imaginations.

Naomi Lucas said...

Thanks Hairy :)