Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Trading Places

I see me
Hair short and curly, my skin a colour I’m yet to define
Four years of weight gain capsules, my waist’s still a 24
5 feet without heels, my bust’s a modest 32
The first of four girls, and the smallest too

‘Lepa Shandy!’ they yelled as I walked past
The sound of their cruel jests, always made my knees falter
There was a time I used to cry, but now I’m all grown
‘Don’t take it to heart’ mum always said, holding my hand tenderly in her own

I see you
Your hair just the opposite of mine, tied in a loose ponytail
I liked the way your skin glowed in the midday sun, clear and smooth, and soft, I was almost certain
The roundness of your face reminded me of the cherubs I used to trace, in ‘My Book of Bible Stories’
You filled out your clothes really nicely; I didn’t think you had any worries

You wore slippers and still towered above me; I wondered how you got that lucky
‘Wow!’ I thought; God did take his time with you
I closed my eyes, haunted by what you had that I didn’t, wishing if only temporarily, that I could be like you
How lovely it must be to sway those hips from side to side, and not have to worry about finding my dress size, at the shop in Ojodu

I opened my eyes, you were looking at me
I didn’t know that at that same moment
You liked my short and curly hair, and also my waistline
I didn’t know the size of your boobs, had strained your back for so long
I didn’t know they called you ‘Orobo’ and you cried every time you went home

We laugh about that day now, seeing the futility of it all
But doesn’t it amaze you still
That when you looked at me and I at you
We both wanted to trade places?

© Naomi Lucas

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Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

I tagged you in a post on my blog. Empty your bag lady!!

LadyNgo said...

grass is always greener on the other side

Naomi Lucas said...

@ Sisi, Yemmie, lol. How come I can't comment on the post? Damn, let me wash the bag first, lol. @ LadyNgo, shey?

The Reviewer said...

This is a perfect example of trading places -

Anonymous said...


Naomi Lucas said...

Thanks Anon.